Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

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Boynton beach drain cleaning professionalsSewer and Drain cleaning service in South Florida.
Backed up sewer, clogged drain or Emergency  cleaning at any hour.
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Raider Rooter will properly diagnose and repair any clogged drain cleaning issue in the South Florida. Whether your drain is clogged or running slow we can solve all of your plumbing issues fast and affordable.

We are top-notch at locating a broken septic and sewer line. Raider Rooter has the ability to find the exact spot for plumbing repair. This minimizes damage to your home or lawn. We can clean your pipes with our jetting process, and also clean your pool deck drain and downspouts. You can trust the Raider Rooter to be your emergency plumber to unclog and properly diagnose and fix any clogged drain issues.

We provide quality septic drain cleaning to private homes, restaurants and businesses.

We can help you and are available 24/7?

We unclog and clean:

  • Kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Mainlines
  • Pool Skimmer Line
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Tub, Shower, Floor Drain
  • Sewer lines
  • pipe jetting

Kitchen & Bathroom Drains

When kitchen and bathroom drains act up, replacing the valves can be a long, difficult, process. This procedure can be time-consuming and more difficult if the owner doesn’t have the right tools and right knowledge. Let the experts in drain cleaning take care of you. We have the knowledge, license and technology to take care of your plumbing needs. This is another benefit of working with a licensed team of professions.

Sewer Line Drains

Line buckling or breaking can happen due to several reasons. Objects can be lodged in the line, extreme temperatures can cause the line to deteriorate or tree roots can invade the line. To help you properly diagnose your sewer line drains, without digging up your entire yard, Raider Rooter can give you a camera line inspection. We go into the drains so you don’t have to partake in unnecessary repairs. A miniature camera is inserted into your drain to figure out where the root of the problem is.

We take advantage of drain rooter equipment to clear any sewer lines or main drains that are clogged or backed up. Our plumbers will be able to restore your drains back to their free-flowing state.





removed roots from drain

Removed massive roots from a residential mainline

Removed glasses from a toilet with a hand auger

Removed glasses from a toilet with a hand auger