Wellpoint Installation in Palm Beach Area

Wellpoint Installation in Palm Beach

The wellpoint installation, often incorrectly referred to as a borehole, is an affordable option to access ground water.

With our many years of installing wellpoints we have aquired extensive knowledge of the ground structures and areas in South Florida.

Wellpoints can be installed in a wide range of soils including sands, gravels, silts, soft clays and stratified soils. The most common application is for relatively shallow excavations for new construction or expansion of existing structures, but wellpoints are also proving to be successful in stabilizing wet fly ash and bottom ash ponds at existing or former coal-fired generating stations for fast, safe and effective clean closure in compliance with EPA regulations.

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About Wellpoint Installation

Wellpoints are typically installed around the perimeter of the excavation by self-jetting methods, with a holepuncher used to penetrate coarse gravels and cobbles, and boulders. In difficult ground, penetration can be facilitated by various drilling methods.

Our wellpoints are installed in an efficient manner causing as little inconvenience to the customer as possible. The site is kept neat and tidy at all times. Once the installation process has been completed our equipment is removed by our permanently employed skilled and trained staff members.

The team then equips the wellpoint with the pump and related equipment. Our staff is trained to do this in an efficient and quality controlled manner. Once the system has been completed it is handed over to the client.

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