Drain Cleaing

Three Things You Don’t Expect Could Be Clogging Your Bathroom Sink

Posted on September 16, 2022

These everyday household items can clog your bathroom sink

Do You Know the Stinky Truth About Grease Trap Maintenance?

Posted on May 7, 2022

When it comes to terrible smells, dirty restaurant grease traps definitely rank near the top.

How to Protect Your Plumbing for the Next Big Storm

Posted on August 30, 2021

This time of year, when temperatures are high, storms start to form in the ocean. Those of us who’ve lived in South Florida long enough know a thing or two about how to react – prepare, prepare, prepare.

The Importance of Hiring Licensed Plumbers

Posted on July 22, 2020

Need to figure out how to unclog a drain or change a faucet? How-to videos have encouraged many to try these minor plumbing repairs on their own.

The Six Worst Things to Dump Down a Garbage Disposal

Posted on January 28, 2020

The garbage disposal is one of the kitchen’s most convenient features. But perhaps the name “garbage disposal” gives homeowners a misguided notion of what it can withstand.

New Equipment = Better Service

Posted on February 3, 2019

Every business owner wants to run and grow the type of business on which its customers can rely. One that’s trustworthy, reliable, and head and shoulders above the competition. At Raider Rooter, we believe one way to achieve that goal is to reinvest in the company. For us, that means making sure our staff is […]

Preparing Storm Drains & Catch Basins for a Hurricane

Posted on August 29, 2018

Prior to the start of hurricane season, meteorologists predicted “a near-average number of hurricanes and tropical storms” for this year. And while we’ve had calm ocean waters up to this point, the memory of Hurricane Irma has yet to fade for most South Florida residents. And while we all know how to get our homes […]

Clogged Drain Catastrophes

Posted on May 30, 2018

Owning a home might be part of the American Dream, but maintaining that home takes a lot of work and responsibility. Just like regular oil changes are necessary to keep your car’s engine running smoothly, regular home maintenance tasks will keep your home in tip-top shape, and save you from future headaches and expenses. Cleaning […]

There’s Nothing Like Low Water Pressure. Not.

Posted on February 26, 2017

Low water pressure makes simple, every-day activities, like showering and washing dishes, frustrating and time consuming. So what causes low water pressure? Here are a few culprits …

5 Drain Cleaning Tips to Help Your Drains Run Clog Free

Posted on January 5, 2017

These 5 drain cleaning tips will help you maintain a happy and healthy drain system within your home or business. 1. When to Schedule a Drain Cleaning? Pouring a bottle of acidic chemicals down a clogged drain is not “Drain cleaning”. This is just a type of “drain unclogging”—and many times it won’t achieve that. […]

Enjoy a Clog-free Thanksgiving with these tips

Posted on October 11, 2016

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the need for a plumber after this year’s Thanksgiving. A lot of food is prepared, eaten and disposed of on Thanksgiving day. This is were clean up and leftovers clog your pipes. Many plumbers say the day after Thanksgiving is their single busiest day of the year […]

How To Keep Your Kitchen Sink & Disposal Smelling Nice and Clog Free

Posted on September 15, 2016

Keeping the heavily used kitchen sink clog free relieves headaches from the everyday use your family needs. Your daily tasks like prepping food, washing dishes and removing waste down the garbage disposal. I would venture to say that you simply scrub and clean the surface of your sink but never think about what’s going on […]

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