Broward Septic Drain Cleaning

Broward Septic Drain Cleaning

We there to clear your toughest clogs—24/7

drain cleaningSewer and Drain cleaning service in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area. Backed up sewer, clogs or Emergency  cleaning at any hour.  Call (866) 672-4337

Raider Rooter is very confident in our abilities to properly diagnose and repair any clogged drain cleaning issue in the Broward County area.

We provide quality septic drain cleaning to private homes, restaurants and businesses.

Why choose us?

Beware; A technician lacking experience or the proper equipment can spend  hours trying to clear a clogged drain. Having the right tool for the job can make the difference. We have professional grade sewer equipment and the know-how to quickly diagnose a slow or clogged drain issue quickly. We offer sewer camera line inspections, and hydro jetting, and can clean any different sized lines in your Fort Lauderdale home.

We are top-notch at locating a broken sewer line. Raider Rooter has the ability to find the exact spot for plumbing repair. This minimizes damage to your home or lawn. We are also able to clean and pool deck drains and downspout drains. You can trust the Raider Rooter to be your emergency plumber to properly diagnose and fix any clogged drain cleaning issue. Did I mention we are available 24/7?

Know your drain system?

Experiencing a sewer or drain back up can be frustrating. Most of us take the sewer lines in our Broward County home for granted.  Very few of us perform regular maintenance to keep these sewer and drains flowing.  Over time, our sewer and drain lines may slow as they become clogged with the  foods and gunk we send down them daily. Take a look around your home, restaurant or business and remember the location of sewer and drain clean-out caps. These caps are often buried by landscapers or covered by years of paint. Knowing the location of these caps can save you money when it comes time to service the sewer. Also, explain to your technician any odd noises or odd things you may have seen prior to the back up.  Some of these noises give us clues as to the location of the clog. For example, A toilet that bubbles up air when a lav or kitchen faucet is run tells us the clog is much further away than the toilet. As the water fills your clogged pipes, the air is forced out making this noise.   Below is some information to help you understand what may have caused your sewer issue or clogged drain in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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