“Jeannie, yesterday, on the recommendation of our plumber, we called to have our septic tank pumped at our residence at 3 Harbour Drive S., Ocean Ridge. You were able to get someone out yet that day, which we appreciated very much.
The young man who came out was Curtis, and I am writing to tell you how impressed I was with his service. He did everything in a professional and conscientious manner. For instance, he was very careful to remove the sod from the septic tank cover so that minimum damage was done to our yard. When the job was finished, he put the sod all back and water it. As I was talking with him, he told me about steps we could take to better care for our septic system. When he was done, he wrote up the order with accuracy and good grammar – things which instill confidence. During the entire process, he was friendly and well spoken.
He has a tough job, and he did it in a way that deserves praise.”  Sincerely, —Brent

“I’m just touching base that I appreciate you taking your time at night to deal with work and your driver that showed up was a real professional. He busted his ass last night just showing my gratitude and o would call you next time and refer your company to my neighbors.  Thank you,” — Robert

HomeAdvisor Review 5-star-rating

Review by Alvaro I. in Hollywood, FL
Project: Pump Out a Septic Tank
They call me on the same day I asked for a septic pump service through HomeAdvisor. That day I had already requested a service from another company, that came on that same day but since the tank “they found” was 4 feet deep, they wanted me to hire a machine to dig. Finally they didn’t call me to schedule the machine digging so I gave a chance to Raider Rooter. I called them to schedule for the following day, but they called me within the hour to tell me they were on their way to my property. The guy was courteous and right to the point. I showed him the place where the other company told me the tank was, but he immediately told me that the tank wasn’t there. In one minute he located the tank in other area, and even being 4 ft deep he started digging right away. He was not worried about digging, and when asked about putting a riser, he told me right away that wasn’t necessary. He found the lid and pumped the tank. Fast and easy. The price they gave me per 1000 gallons was the price I ended up paying. It seems that residential tanks have that capacity. The probe they used to find the tank was a thin probe, that wouldn’t leave a big hole in the grass. The other company used a wide probe leaving hole about 2 inches. Good company, excellent value for the money.

Quality: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
Value for Money: 5.0

HomeAdvisor Review 5-star-rating

Project: Pump Out a Septic Tank
Problem with the system involved the box that leads into the drain field. Over the years and with the riding mower it disconnected the top drain from the box. First, the company pumped out the tank then proceeded to replace the box and drains The system was really clogged with roots ( I have a lot of trees). They were great, called ahead of arrival, kept me informed, did a great job, cleaned up and left things in good order. I feel the job was well done and the men were very professional. The price was also very reasonable considering all that had to be done.
— by Joanne Donnelly in West Palm Beach, FL. Quality: 5.0, Customer Service: 5.0, Value for Money: 5.0

The Raider Rooter representative Juan was very professional. Everyone has experienced the excitement of moving into a new home.  We moved into our new home in April and with a new baby. I was over the moon to have a safe comfortable place for my family. Unfortunately, shortly after moving in we found some major issues with our plumbing. Every time we washed clothes the pipes would pour water all over the floor (which was creating mold in areas we didn’t know were affected). The dishwasher would bubble up things from the garbage disposal and recently the guest bathtub backed up with sewage.  I can’t think of anything more concerning, especially with children in our home.  We had FOUR plumbing companies come to our property (One company even said we would have to get our pipes replaced) and all billed but only ONE solved the problem! 

We were disappointed with the entire situation. None of the prior plumbers came on time, which caused us to miss work if they even showed up at all. The previous plumbers had a complete lack of regard for our time.  The worse part is that we had to deal with the sewage in the tub backing up for over a week. There is truly only so much bleach and pine solve can do. People some times take for granted quality service, but I know the value of what Juan did for our home.  We can now wash clothes and run the dishwasher without having to clean up water and garbage disposal remnants for the first time since being in this house.  We had a party this weekend and our guests never would have known we had any prior plumbing issues.

Raider Rooter is a five star company I highly recommend them.  If you are looking for:

  1. Quality Plumbing experts
  2. Come in a timely manner
  3. Communicate and address your concerns
  4. Ensure the problems were solved BEFORE leaving
  5. Explain everything that was done, so you can feel at ease with the results of the service.  

Then Raider Rooter is the company for you. Thank you to the great customer service representative Becky! Thank you again Juan, for solving a problem that three companies before you failed to solve, because you were willing to listen to our concerns and do the job.  

Warmest Regards, Candyce


“Thank you so much for today! Your company was amazing. We would like to find out the procedure and price for jetting the roots to eliminate them from the bottom of the tank. Again, much gratitude.”
— Patty and Raymond Cormier
“This is the septic company I’d recommend. Over the past six years in this neigborhood, this is the only company I have found to be professional, honest, and easy to work with. I only use Raider Rooter now. They found my primary septic tank drainage hidden under some trees. All prior companies had rushed and emptied out the secondary septic tanks and never discovered/drained the primary one.

This is my next door neighbor (in Boca Raton). If he needs your services in the future, I’m sure you will take good care of him. If there is a positive review I can post on social-media — Yelp or someother site (?) let me know and I would be happy to do so. Thank you” — Anurag, Nov. 11, 2016

May 24, 2016

To whom it may concern,

On Saturday, May 7, 2016 I called for help when my septic tank backed up into my house. Just minutes after my call you called me back and sent your service man, Curtis.

This letter is to let you know what a fine, helpful and knowledgeable young man he is. It was the hottest time of day and he mentioned he had two more jobs to do before the end of the day.

I watched how hard he worked on my tank and couldn’t help notice how great he took everything in stride. We talked a bit and when my son returned home, Curtis took the time to show him how to prevent more trouble and suggestions on what could have caused the problem since I had to have my tank emptied just one year before.

I hope you put this letter of commendation in Curtis’ file and know what a good mnan you have working for your company.

Sincerely, Alice and Scott Wright


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